Collaborative Pathways to Success: Strategies for Faith-Based Institutions

Faith-based institutions can come together to access in-demand courses, programs, and certifications to quickly expand academic capacity and meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s learners.

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Join us for Collaborative Pathways to Success - Strategies for Faith-Based Institutions on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at 1:00 pm EST. Listen in as our panelist from Moody Bible Institute shares how their partnership in the ABHE consortium, powered by Acadeum, serves as the conduit for their progress to retain learners, recover lost revenue, and expand academic offerings.

Discover New Ways To:

  • Sustain and expand the breadth and depth of academic programs
  • Improve retention and graduation rates by increasing access to flexible course options
  • Deliver microcredentials and stackable certificates to bolster learner employability
Course Sharing A Force Multiplier for Student Success

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