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Are you new to course sharing or looking to expand your course sharing footprint? You’ve come to the right place! These resources will help any Acadeum Course Share user at a Home Institution or Teaching Institution understand the basics of how to use the Acadeum platform.

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The Power of Course Sharing

Are you ready to shout the impact and value course sharing can have across your institution?  For decades, college students have taken classes at nearby schools that offer seats for visiting learners. Now, through Acadeum’s expansive network, your institution can collaborate with like-minded schools near and far to expand capacity, improve student progress, eliminate the headaches associated with transfer credit, and generate new revenue. Ready to learn more? Let’s Go!

Discover Resources, Trainings, and Tools to Grow Course Sharing

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Home Institutions (HIs) enable students to enroll in pre-approved courses from like-minded institutions in the Acadeum network. The Home Institution maintains quality control and oversight of courses, and retains a portion of the tuition dollars by keeping students on campus, rather than losing them to transfer courses taken elsewhere. 

Teaching Institutions (TIs) make open seats in online courses available to help students from like-minded institutions stay on track. Course sharing helps fill available spots in courses already scheduled to be taught, produces revenue, and fills classes with students from partner institutions across the country, creating a more diverse online learning experience.

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Additional Resources

Join the Acadeum Community to connect with your peers on the Acadeum network. Ask questions, share resources, and discuss best practices at your institution with your colleagues from other institutions.

The Acadeum Support site provides more detailed information and resources about Acadeum Course Share.

Connect with Partner Success

Our Partner Success team meets with institutional leaders one-on-one to recommend the right course sharing strategies to meet institutional goals and get you up-and-running on our network.

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