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Across the higher education industry, institutions are finding new ways to accelerate student progress and maximize limited resources. Acadeum Commons explores these innovations and shares best practices.

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New Keuka College Partnership Helps Students Reset

Students who need to re-take certain courses can now catch up almost before the next semester begins.

What Course Sharing Looks Like: Year Two 

What does Year Two of course sharing look like? The buzzword for many of the institutions in their second year of course sharing is expansion.

 Course Sharing and your Advising Strategy

When students seek guidance—or, need in-person intervention—academic advisors are the first line of defense to help them overcome hurdles.

Three Trends to Inform Your Institution's Enrollment and Revenue Strategy in 2022 

Explore how the Acadeum Alliance team is responding to three critical trends in higher education to support institutional retention and enrollment strategies. 

How Course Sharing Helped Becker College Graduate 91 Students Before Closure

Thanks to institutional collaboration, 91 students graduated from Becker College before its closure. Read how course sharing brought these schools together.

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What Year 1 of Course Sharing Looks Like: Spotlight on CICU Institutions

What does Year 1 of course sharing look like? We spoke to four New York-based institutions that started course sharing in 2021 and are seeing positive outcomes.

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Conversations at CAOI 2021: Constructing the Future, Collaborating for Success

"At CAOI, I was able to learn many ways that institutions are leveraging the power of course sharing. I left feeling energized by the possibilities this network provides."

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Mentorship and "At-Bats": Critical Moments on one Student's Path to Success

This post, by sixteen-year-educator Martha Bujanda, is about the critical moment when an educator stepped forward to support a student who fell behind—and the impacts that reverberate afterward. Read the full story.

How John Brown University Developed Three New Majors Through Course Sharing

In two years, John Brown University successfully created and launched three new majors--Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, and Disaster Relief--by leveraging the power of course sharing.

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CIC Webinar Round-Up: Improving Financial Predictability with Course Sharing

In this webinar, we explored How to Use Course Sharing Data and ROI to Enhance Your Institution's Financial Predictability and Stability with representatives from Cornell College and Catawba College.

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Cognitive Overload: Hurdles on the Path to Student Progress

Cognitive overload can significantly affect student progress and retention. How can flexible, online solutions help students overcome these hurdles?

The Fall 2021 Contingency Guide

Inspired by stories from campus leaders who used online courses to meet student needs in the peak of Covid-19, this Fall ‘21 Contingency Guide can help you navigate the approaching academic year.

How Ferrum College Accelerated Online Course Demand 

Ferrum College, an Acadeum teaching institution, has seen increased demand for online courses leading to new fully-online faculty hires. 

The One Role on Campus with the Biggest Course Sharing Impact: Part I

A two-part series on the secret superheroes of course sharing on campus, featuring success stories from six institutions across the country -- Part I: Student Progress

4 Ways Course Sharing Can Help Your Campus Recover This Fall

Help meet critical needs as students approach the first post-COVID academic year. Browse our checklist for course sharing solutions that best align to an institution’s goals.

The One Role on Campus with the Biggest Course Sharing Impact: Part II

A two-part series on the secret superheroes of course sharing on campus, featuring success stories from six institutions across the country -- Part II: Institutional Growth

Introduction to Course Sharing

This post is part of our “Introduction to Course Sharing” series, designed to give you an overview on course sharing, how it works, and why you’re hearing about it in Higher Education now more than ever.

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Course Sharing is Much More Than an Improved Credit Transfer System

Course sharing may, at first glance, look like an updated version of the traditional process of transferring credits from one institution to another. But it’s far more than that.

CIC Webinar Round-Up | Course Sharing at Heidelberg University

Stephen Svoboda shares how Heidelberg University supports student progress through course sharing, and how they’ve developed creative solutions to drive enrollments and revenue.

How Eureka College Re-Imagined Its Computer Science Program to Attract STEM Students

Learn how Eureka College re-built its Computer Science curriculum and connected with local employers to advise on student preparedness for STEM careers.

An HBCU Success Story: How Benedict College Built Course Sharing Into the Student Experience

Students at HBCU institutions like Benedict College have access to additional courses through a course sharing partnership with Acadeum.

How the University of St. Francis Eliminated Transfer Roulette

The past year has challenged higher education leaders like never before, forcing us to examine old assumptions and rapidly scale new ways to serve students, all while facing major financial constraints.

Three Summer Strategies to Do More with Limited Campus Resources: Part III

Find out how your summer strategy for course sharing can qualify for Pell Grants. Financial aid analysis and recommendations provided by Higher Ed expert Bob Evans.

Three Summer Strategies to Do More with Limited Campus Resources: Part II

Learn how your summer strategy can help students who have struggled in one or more courses regain good academic standing, and how Eureka College kept students enrolled and earned over $700,000 in incremental revenue.

Three Summer Strategies to Do More with Limited Campus Resources: Part I

We do a deep dive on how to maximize existing resources and unlock trapped value in the first blog post of this three-part series on your Summer 2021 Course Share Playbook.

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