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Complete College America is a national advocate for dramatically increasing college completion rates and closing institutional performance gaps. Through course sharing, states, systems, institutions, and CCA partners collaborate to improve student success, address equity gaps, and restore the promise of higher education.

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Want to boost completion? Start with collaboration.

Complete College America has partnered with Acadeum to launch the first national course sharing consortium with the mission to expand students’ access to the courses they need to earn their degree.

The groundbreaking CCA Online Course Sharing Consortium will help institutions equitably implement CCA's evidence-based strategies to increase persistence and student success. 

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Complete College America

Webinar - CCA & Acadeum

Watch an On-Demand Webinar

Want to learn how course sharing aligns to CCA's mission and strategies to boost college completion? Watch the on-demand webinar, Course Sharing, Consortium, and Student Success.

Hear from Nikolas Huot, CCA Strategy Director, and leaders from Benedict College and Ferrum College to learn how they are using course sharing to boost degree completion and achieve institutional goals.


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It’s a win-win for the institutions, but it’s also very much of a win for the gives students flexibility around their course schedules while not delaying the accumulating of credits… ultimately making paths to progression and completion accessible to all students in the nation.

Nikolas Huot

Strategy Director, Complete College America

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New college course-sharing network wants to help students to graduate

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Complete College America (CCA) Strategy Director Nikolas Huot discusses CCA’s course sharing network and its impact on student success.

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