Christian Higher Education Canada

CHEC’s 33 member institutions represent a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate Christian higher education within Canada. Through course sharing, CHEC members collaborate to support student progress and institutional success.

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Learn how CHEC Institutions Collaborate to Transform and Thrive

CHEC's course sharing consortium, powered by Acadeum, allows faith-based institutions across Canada to seamlessly share courses, develop new programs, and expand general education courses to support student progress. Learn how CHEC member institutions are making an impact with course sharing. 

Christian Higher Education Canada

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How to Develop and Expand Academic Programming


Learn how Eureka College used course sharing to enhance and re-build its Computer Science curriculum to prepare students for STEM careers.

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What Course Sharing Success Looks Like


See how institutions within the Acadeum network are innovating and collaborating to support student progress through course sharing.

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