The Council of Independent Colleges

Through the CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium, members improve student progress, expand programs, and generate new revenue, all while maintaining control of their own curriculum.

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Solve Challenges Through Course Sharing

In partnership with CIC, Acadeum helps colleges and universities create partnerships with like-minded institutions to support student progress, curricular innovation, and revenue growth. CIC's expansive, shared online course catalog makes it easy to offer high-quality courses to enhance programs, fill seats, and find flexible solutions so students can stay on track for timely graduation.

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On-Demand Webinar: Improving Financial Predictability with Course Sharing

CIC institutions typically base their financial predictability on three metrics: first-year enrollment, the discount rate, and first-to-second year retention. In this webinar, two institutions (Catawba College and Cornell College) present the benefits of adding course-sharing data to this list.

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“Retention was really our number one goal...What are the barriers? Part of it is failing a course, getting behind, changing a major, and all the things that prevent students from staying on track. It was critical that our retention rate went up, not only for ratings but as a promise to our students and their parents.”

Mary-Beth Cooper

President, Springfield College

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Forbes: Sharing Courses to Innovate and Survive


Learn how member institutions use course sharing 

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CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium


Learn how to join the CIC Online Course Sharing Consortium

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Bring Back Summer Enrollments


Learn how to bring back summer enrollments

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Online Course Sharing 2.0


Online Course Sharing Consortium 2.0 Featuring Heidelberg University

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“Using Acadeum courses helps students maintain progress towards a degree, keeps them connected to our college, keeps them connected academically …and ultimately increases the chances of students coming back the next semester.”

Jonathan Brand

President, Cornell College

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