Navigating an Uncertain Fall Term

To combat potential challenges in the months ahead, campus leaders are prioritizing plans centered on student safety and flexibility.

Given the mounting uncertainty leading into fall, we’ve developed this Course Share Contingency Guide to:

  • Help campuses proactively prepare for disruptions caused by the Delta variant
  • Provide targeted recommendations where course sharing can help offer flexible options for students in need


Why Course Sharing Now?

Inspired by stories from campus leaders who used online courses to meet student needs in the peak of Covid-19, this Fall '21 Contingency Guide guide can help you navigate the approaching academic year.



Colleges Envisioned a Near-Normal Fall Semester. Then Came the Delta Variant.

A month out from the new term, a Covid-19 surge is causing some colleges to reconsider their plans.


“Over the past few weeks, the prospect [of a near-normal semester] has begun to change."

What Is Course Sharing?

Course sharing is about student progress, curricular innovation, operational efficiency, and institutional success. As a concept, it’s been around for decades. This short video provides an introduction to course sharing and explains why it's growing in popularity.

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