League for Innovation in the Community College

League for Innovation's Online Course Sharing Consortium enables Board and Alliance institutions to seamlessly share online courses to support students and solve institutional challenges.

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Join the First National Course Sharing Network for Community Colleges

The League for Innovation in the Community College has partnered with Acadeum to launch the first community college course sharing consortium to expand students’ access to the courses they need.

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The League for Innovation in the Community College

How Does it Work? Check Out an On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we cover how course sharing can help community colleges address critical challenges and meet strategic goals, including helping schools fill gaps in curricula, generating revenue from enrolling students.

Hear how leaders at Pima Community College, Northeast Iowa Community College, and Lamar Institute of Technology are using course sharing to bolster student progress and achieve institutional goals.

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We are pleased to offer this consortium as an option for our members who are seeking alternative, innovative approaches to student access, success, and completion.

Cynthia Wilson

Vice President for Learning and Chief Impact Officer, League for Innovation in the Community College

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Colleges Centralize Learning and Operations


The League for Innovation in the Community College Online Course Sharing Consortium seeks to link community colleges to share learning content and break down barriers to access.

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Community Colleges Seek to Share Classes Online


A national online course-sharing consortium for community colleges aims to expand access to online learning. It’s also an attempt to relieve budgetary and enrollment pressures after a particularly challenging year.

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Community Colleges Have a New Option for Sharing Courses


Community colleges will have a new option for sharing online courses through a consortium from the nonprofit League for Innovation in the Community College and course-sharing platform developer Acadeum.

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