Pathways to Maturity: Creating Student and Institutional Success with Course Sharing

Access an on-demand webinar to hear from the academic leadership team from Franklin University, an Acadeum Teaching Institution partner, as they share how their institution built pathways for mature, strategic implementation of course sharing (Recorded Thursday, December 1, 2022).

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The application and strategic implementation of course sharing continue to progress. While the ability to fill gaps and help individual student needs remains a critical use case, institutions are now scaling impact and using course sharing as an instrumental tool to move their institution forward.  As a result, Franklin University is helping Acadeum partner institutions retain students, recover lost revenue, and drive student progress through these mature pathways. 

The academic leaders at Franklin University will help you: 

  • Understand the academic rigor of an Acadeum Teaching Institution and how Higher Education Act (HEA) Title III eligibility is shaping curriculum demand.
  • Discover the operational framework built to deliver a superior student experience. 
  • Identify innovative academic solutions to move your institution forward using course sharing.
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