Maximizing Financial Aid

Making certain that learners have the financial means to progress down the path to graduation is top of mind for institutional leaders. Discover how your institution can immediately make in-demand courses available to students and provide opportunities to catch up, avoid scheduling obstacles, tackle prerequisites, and achieve academic recovery to ensure degree completion. 

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Join us for Maximizing Financial Aid - Creating Pathways for Student Progress to hear from expert Bob Evans, as he answers common questions related to financial aid and the use of course sharing to keep students on track. We’ll also address how the flexible definition of “academic year” creates new intersession options and advise on how your institution can pilot one quickly to eliminate barriers to completion for your students. 

Join the conversation and discover:
  • Answers to common financial aid questions that arise when using a course sharing solution.
  • Proven use cases to help students progress and graduate on time.
  • Common tactics to maximize financial aid by implementing a summer and winter term. 

Maximizing Financial Aid Creating  Pathways for Student Progress

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