Mitigate Risk from Delayed FAFSA

Colleges and universities have faced a substantial burden due to changes and delays with this year’s FAFSA, amid an already volatile enrollment environment. For many institutions, the delay has resulted in deposit deadline extensions, creating uncertainty in enrollment and financial models for the upcoming academic year. 

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 Now is the time to ensure your institution is planning for all possible scenarios. Join us for Mitigate Risk from Delayed FAFSA: Strategies and Tactics for Colleges and Universities on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12:00 pm EST as we break down actions to take right now so your institution can quickly respond to challenges relating to matriculation this fall and further differentiate your unique institutional value to prospective learners. 

Discover How to Navigate Risk for Your Institution By:

  • Reducing the compounding ramifications caused by the delay
  • Establishing a backup plan for under and over enrolled sections to support students and reduce course cancellations
  • Aligning to regional workforce demand to meet the needs across new populations of learners 
Mitigate Risk from Delayed FAFSA

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