Tactics for HBCUs to Increase Student Outcomes

More than 25 HBCUs have joined forces to share online courses to drive retention, expand their course catalogs, increase program offerings, and add additional intercessions and terms.

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Join us for “New Pathways to Success: Tactics for HBCUs to Increase Student Outcomes” on April 15, 2024 at 1pm ET. Hear from a dynamic panel as they share tactics on how course sharing offers institutions a low-risk way to help students access the courses they need when they need them while maintaining the integrity of learning outcomes. 


Discover how HBCUs:

  • Collaborated across the SREB HBCU-MSI Course-Sharing Consortium to increase access to flexible course options
  • Established best practices and workflows to support course sharing across campus
  • Helped students stay on track to degree completion and increased success rates with wrap-around support


As your institution’s academic champion, discover how to leverage the power of a collaborative HBCU-MSI network to bolster student success.

New Pathways to Success Tactics for HBCUs to Increase Student Outcomes

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